Spirit of The Future

“Watch Ebenezer. Watch what is yet to come.”

I do not come from above. I come from the grave. They call me the Spirit of The Future because I show people their fate should they continue on the garden path. I am the spirit of death. I have existed since the time of man. I have spoken to millions of men, women and children from around the world.

Ebenezer Scrooge was devastated when I showed him his fate.

I’m not a spirit that talks much as there is not much to describe me.

Back to Deanna.

I know that Dickens had a different idea of what the three spirits were. They’re spirits, they could have been anything really. I happen to play all three spirits in A Christmas Carol, so I wanted to create their stories, stories that I can relate to just so I can get deeper inside their character when I perform onstage.


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