Christmas Through The Eyes of My Characters: Carly Newman

I love Christmas because there is no school and it’s party all the way. Every year my parents let me have a huge party. I only invite the cool kids, though. My party is always on the evening after school ends for the holidays. We have so much fun. Everyone who’s anyone loves the parties I throw. Every year is a different theme. I remember last year, everyone had to dress in red and white. I bought this really cute Misses Claus dress. It was really short and kinda low cut. My dad didn’t approve, but everyone else did. Besides, it felt good to be the center of everyone’s attention. Hell, I’m always at the center of everyone’s attention. Everyone loves me. What can I say? It just feels more special to be doted on at Christmas.

Last year at this time, I also started dating Matt Devries. He’s like Brad Pitt and Michael Jordon put together. He’s the captain of the senior boys basketball team this year, he’s the most popular guy in school and his dad owns Peach Valley mall. I’m so glad to call him mine. He has plans to play for the NBA and I’m going to be a movie star. Yes, we make a formidable team. No loser is going to ruin our star status.

I’m going to audition for Mr. Hawthorne’s advanced acting class. I’m not nervous at all because I know I’m going to get a spot in his class. Anya and Patrick–two of Peach Valley Senior High’s biggest losers–are also auditioning to get into the advanced acting class, but they have nothing on me. I’m going to win that sponsorship of Vancouver Film School hands down. And those losers will be kissing my ass when I do. It’s about time they know their peking order.

Oh yes, I really strayed away from the topic didn’t I? This year for Christmas, we’re going to Hawaii for two weeks. I mean–my family and I–are all going. I’ve never been to Hawaii so I can’t wait to hit the beach and build up a nice tan. But, it’s going to be different. I won’t see Matt or my other friends and there won’t be a Christmas party because we’re leaving the morning after school ends. I’m going to miss them all, especially Matt. Oh well, I’ll be living it up in Hawaii while they’ll all be freezing their asses here in Peach Valley. Just joking, haha. I’ll be sending Matt and all of my friends Christmas wishes from the beach.


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