Big Plans for 2012

I have a number of big things that I plan/want to accomplish in 2012, but I’ll only mention four of them.

1. I’ve written a few articles for StupidDOPEnet. Shane, the blog manager, is very happy with my work even though I haven’t written much for him. He’s happy because my very first article was featured on Google News. My plan is to write many more articles in the new year with the goal to have more of them featured on Google News.

2. I’m doing all this guest posting with the ultimate goal to build my author platform. It’s clearly obvious that, in order to get a book published and to have that book sell well, you must have a good following. I’m currently doing just that by guest posting for various blogs. Unfortunately, I realize that I’m not the most consistent blogger. I’ll write something that will gain much exposure, but then I don’t follow up immediately on it with another article of the kind. My resolution for 2012 is to be more consistent with my article writing/publishing efforts.

3. I plan, hope, want to find a good home for my YA novel, TO BE MARIA in 2012. The only way to accomplish that is through consistency and stability.

4. I plan to contribute articles to paying, paper/e-magazines. I’ll be crossing my fingers, hoping that I don’t get too many rejections.

And, those are my New Year’s resolutions for 2012. Big plans? Yes. But anything is possible when you put your heart, soul, mind and effort into it.


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