How to Get Rid of Writer’s Block

This is a guest post by Mark Weikel. Mark is a guest post author who contributes to us his tips for overcoming writer’s block. Mark also writes for Gay Dating Sites where he offers gay singles advice for safe online dating.

So you’ve sat down to compose your next big masterpiece…but instead of working you’re staring into space, logging onto your Facebook account every five minutes and catching yourself in vivid daydreams of claiming a coveted spot on the New York Times Best Sellers List. When you finally bring yourself back to the blank Microsoft Word document on the screen before you, the cold reality sinks in that you are never going to have a book to sell if you don’t find a way out of the pit of despair (i.e. writer’s block) that you’ve fallen into.

But fear not, all you blocked writers…there is a way to escape! Here’s how it’s done:

Have a change of scenery. If you are locked up in your room day after day, trying to come up with new and exciting material, it’s easy to fall into a dull routine that leaves you feeling short of the creative genius that you are. Mix things up and find new writing spots that will encourage the passion and creativity to emit from within you. Pack up your laptop and visit the park on a beautiful day, frequent your favorite coffee shop or head to the local library to submerse yourself in an atmosphere of thousands of books—what could be more inspiring than that?

Get organized. Maybe you’re not the most organized person in other realms of your life, but when it comes to your writing it’s time to revamp your ways. Set aside some time and create a strict writing schedule to which you can adhere. Categorize your ideas and make outlines of how you will execute them. When you have an organized plan of attack, you will find the clutter in your head creating the writer’s block will soon disappear.

Get inspired. To come up with new ideas for your writing, start branching out and searching for new sources of inspiration. Try other forms of artistic expression—taking piano lessons or enrolling in a sculpture class are great ways to ignite a spark of creativity that can be transferred to your writing. What are you passionate about? Hone in on whatever it is, focus on that inspiration and let it flow into your best writing yet.

Take a break. When you’re working on a particularly time-consuming project, break it up into pieces to make it easier to tackle. Work on portion by portion so that you don’t get overwhelmed and stuck in a frustrated state of writer’s block. Be sure to give yourself mini-breaks during long days of writing—whether it’s taking a walk, grabbing a snack or talking to a friend, this little breather will give you the chance to clear your head and come back to your work with a fresh mind.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Every writer—even the greats—experience writer’s block from time to time. Whenever it creeps up on you, it is often due to feeling inadequate in your craft. Don’t let these feelings get the best of you and discourage you from doing what you love. Remember that when you write, you are constantly improving and becoming a better writer. So keep going, stay positive and be sure to follow these tips for overcoming writer’s block!


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