Top 4 Ancient The Top 4 Wedding Customs That Will Make You Feel Fearful

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In recent years, some terrible wedding customs are widely spread online. Sometimes, the bride will be teased. And sometimes, the groom will be asked to do some incredible things by the guests. So, some newlyweds tend to adopt foreign customs to avoid their unpleasant moments. However, how much have you known about foreign wedding conventions? In this article, the top 4 ancient customs in different countries are reviewed. Some of them will probably make you feel fearful.

Top 1: in ancient England – to marry means to clean together.

Before 1753, when the law of marriage was modified, the groom and bride needed to clean together on their big day. There was no European style wedding gown, expensive diamond ring, let alone marriage certificate. What you will face are only the broom and the house stacked with rubbish.

Of course, there was also a wedding ceremony. Under the management of the local administrator, the groom and bride would step into the kitchen, carrying the divine broom. It’s said there were organizations where grooms-to-be and brides-to-be could learn how to do housework. These organizations were often established by the local government.

Top 2: in ancient Bulgaria – bride needed to dress as a clown.

Generally speaking, the wedding is the most important day in our lives. Everybody will spare no efforts to show their best on that memorable day. But, if you were born in Bulgaria, you would never achieve this. According to the local convention, brides wouldn’t be made to look charming. On the contrary, they were required to dress as clowns. They aimed to surprise all guests present on their nuptial. And this definitely makes all people remember the most significant moment in their life.

Days before the wedding, the bride learnt how to dress like a clown. First, they would make the face black, then they would put on fake ears and badly fitting clothes. On their wedding day, they would act foolish. For example, they would throw excrement at guests or dance with animals’ bones. They behaved as crazily as they were permitted. And, only after doing these will they feel the wedding is complete.

However, why do people in Bulgaria do this? They do this to exorcise evil spirits. They hold the opinion that if the bride elaborately makes up and looks appealing, she will draw on envy from the evil and that brings black luck to her husband later. So, each bride will dress to appear ugly, expecting to live a joyful and stable life.

Top 3: in ancient Sparta – bride needed to dress as a man.

Spartans are warlike. They even desire to have a fierce fight on their weddings. But, they certainly wouldn’t do this.

In ancient times, brides in Sparta would paste mustaches on their faces and dress in men’s clothes and shoes. They would sit in a black house, waiting to be stolen by their grooms. They would only take off mustaches and costumes after being carried back home by the grooms.

It’s said this convention originated in a certain era when most Spartans were homosexual. People having heterosexuality were even afraid to make their relation public. So, this method enabled them to avoid the doubt. Eventually, this became a convention.

Top 4: in ancient France – the groom and bride ate rubbish together.

The name of France is filled with overwhelming romance. It’s believed most people do hold this opinion. To generate a French wedding is definitely desired by most girls. But in the ancient times, this didn’t make sense, especially in La Soupe. The groom and bride couldn’t have delicious food. On the contrary, they would drink and eat inedible rubbish.

Based on the local convention, the groom and bride would be assigned to clean their new house on their wedding day. The garbage they found would be their food and drink. It’s hard to imagine what this would look like, but to make it fair, there would be gourmet food at the feast, making up for the previous nausea.


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