Book Marketing: Finding A Method That Works Best for You

This coming Monday, I will be on Donna Amos’s Solo Talk radio show talking about the importance of book promotion. I’m not going to regurgitate the usual: why authors need to promote their books, how to promote them, where to promote them, blah, blah. I think, with the amount of information on the world wide web, all new and aspiring authors know how essential marketing/promotion is to their success. And, they all know about the ‘author platform’–their readership.

What most new authors don’t know when starting out is what method of marketing and promotion works best for them. Marketing and promotion is something, unless you studied it in university, you learn as you go. When you start out, you make the wrong moves, the wrong connections, you promote your book in places that don’t give you any results in terms of sales or lasting professional connections. Sometimes your efforts are met with a hard slap in the face by some callous person who just doesn’t give a damn. That actually happened to me a year ago. I dealt with it, but it stung. Yet, I forced myself to move forward.

Day of Revenge has been in publication for over a year now and I’m in the process of preparing my second novel, To be Maria for publication. I’m currently doing some more edits on this new novel, but plan to have it finished before March commences.

Regarding Day of Revenge, it took me one solid year to experience a measure of success in terms of sales. Why? Because I was the brand new author on the block–I still am–but because business wasn’t my focus in university I had to teach myself the art of marketing. And, since I had very little help from my publicist, I was on my own. It’s a good thing I’m good at research because if I wasn’t, I’d still be stuck on square one. Like everyone else, though, I did stumble along the road.

Eventually, I did find two methods of online marketing that work best for me–internet radio interviews and guest blogging. However, I learnt that even these two methods needed a degree of strategy. They only work when you use them the right way. I plan to talk about how they have worked for me and how you can utilize these methods to stimulate your book sales. So, tune in to Solo Talk Radio on Monday afternoon. The times are listed on the right sidebar.


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