To be Maria: Back to the Editing Stage

I’m itching to query To be Maria en mass, but I realize that it’s still not ready for the submissions stage. After re-writing the first chapter twice–I’m happy with the latest draft–I’ve decided that it would be wise to read through the entire manuscript once more.

The last time I read through To be Maria was back in the summer time, almost half a year ago. For this reason, and after receiving feedback from a friend on the second draft of the first chapter, I am able to read my manuscript with a genuine pair of fresh eyes. Based on the new first chapter, I’ve made some revisions in the proceeding chapters, and I’m tightening up the writing in places where it’s wordy. I’m also making additions where I feel that it will strengthen the story.

So far, I’ve gotten through 25 chapters, which at that point, I’ve decided that I need to include another chapter. Chapter 26 won’t be the chapter 26 as it is. It will be a brand new chapter, giving this story a total of 37 chapters.

I’m actually enjoying this editing process because I’m not stressed out over anything–like I was when I first started the editing process last spring. I’m also in no hurry to complete it, although I plan to get back in the querying game in early March. Still, that gives me ample time to get done what I need to get done.


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