5 Best Ways to Minimize Stress

Most often than not, stress is a negative emotion. Every person, to varying degrees, has stress in their lives. The amount of stress depends on the individual’s circumstance and the intensity of it depends on how well the person copes with it. There are a number of factors that cause stress including, jobs, school, relations with family, friends and relatives, and church events. Regardless of the situation, if not dealt with in an appropriate manner, over time stress will wreak havoc on your body, mind and spirit. This article will discuss five strategies you can take to minimize stress in order to prevent future physical and mental illness.

1. Talk to a friend. If you just had a fight with your roommate, call up a friend and meet her or him at a local coffee shop to talk about your situation. Good friends are always there to lend a listening ear and comfort you when you most need it. Most of the time they will always give you good advice on how to deal with the situation. Together, you and your friend can come up with ways to mend the relationship between you and your roommate without creating further conflict. Talking with a friend eases the anger you may feel toward your roommate and releases the burden of the past conflict off your back so you can continue your life without having it weigh on your mind.

2. Think positive. In extremely tough situations, this can be tough to do, but it is a necessary skill to acquire in order to prevent from having a mental break down. Having a positive outlook will help you pull through any negative situation. Thinking positive will also strengthen your coping skills and build your resiliency to any bad situation. If the situation is too much for you to bear, than get out of it. Nothing is worse than being in a situation that you either have no control over or cannot cope with.

3. Exercise. If you are feeling stressed out over a math exam that you have spent hours studying for, but still do not understand all of the material, do not keep studying. Over studying for any exam creates more confusion, stress and exhaustion. Instead, go for a long walk or take a short trip to the gym and work out or swim laps. Exercise will clear any confusion or stress you are feeling and will make your mind feel renewed and prepared to tackle that math exam. In any situation, being active will keep your body, mind and spirit healthy and happy.

4. Eat healthy. Eating fruit, vegetables and meals that includes portions of meat, chicken, rice and salad, gives the body and mind more energy and helps the mind to think more clearly in given situations. Eating these kinds of food keeps the body trim and reduces the likelihood of getting diabetes, heart and other cardiovascular related diseases in the future.

5. Organize your time wisely. Getting out a day time planner and organizing your priorities in order from the greatest to the least will help you get things done much quicker and will free up your time. In the end, you will feel relaxed and will not have to worry about scrambling to make ends meet at the last minute.

Taking these important steps will significantly reduce the stress in peoples’ lives, and help people live better quality lives.

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