My Writing Plans as of Now

After a dry spell, my book sales are back up, quite up. In early January, IUP (The Indiana University of Pennsylvania) placed another large order through Inkwater Press, and my online sales are better by quite a lot. This is making me very happy, especially to know that my efforts are paying off. Finally!

That said, no time is a good time to take a break. I have to keep it flowing, not only in book sales but in other ways as well. For the longest time, I’ve been writing for online magazines for no pay–there is nothing wrong with that because it’s finally paying off. And, since I’ve made some good connections, I’m not about to give it up.

I’ve found some online and print magazines that pay their writers, so now I have to get writing. It will be nice to be able to promote my book(s) via writing articles and short stories while getting paid to do it. I can’t wait until I get that going.

As for To be Maria, it turns out that I’m still in the thick of the editing process. I’m writing yet another chapter, the new chapter 27. The following chapters will be bumped up in numbers, making this book a total of 38 chapters. I know, it sounds quite big for a young adult novel. But trust me, it’s still going to be well under 85,000 words, within the range of the typical YA novel.

I’m not in any hurry to complete this novel, yet I don’t want to keep it on hold for too much longer. Editing can be a writer’s worst nightmare. It’s so damn tedious. I used to think of it this way, but now I’ve let that mentality go. How am I going to make my project ‘good’ when I’m not enjoying the editing component?

I can’t wait to get back into the querying game, yet I have to admit that I’m enjoying reading through my manuscript–yet again–and making more changes.

At the beginning to January, I had planned to get back into the querying game in early March. I’m going to stick with that goal. But if all goes well, I’ll start earlier.


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