The Craziest, but Funniest Thing

I posted this article on my Skirt! Magazine blog last week. But, I’ve decided to share it here as well.

The craziest, but funniest thing happened last Thursday evening.

The Matkins–a family we’ve known for seven years–invited us over to dinner last night. They live out in the woods in Halfmoon Bay where houses are scarce and wild life is plenty. For that reason, they have three dogs–one of them belongs to their daughter-in-law–and two kittens.

These dogs are not the average, medium-sized dogs. They are big dogs. Yet, they are well-trained and quite friendly.

After dinner, when we were all sitting in the living room, Maureen brought out a platter of butter then plastered some of it on the kittens. First one kitten. Then the other. The friendly giants then licked their tiny backs until the butter was all gone and their thick, grey fur wet and standing on end. What surprised me the most was that these kittens actually liked having the dogs lick their backs. They seemed to relish every moment of it.

It was quite a site. Never before have I seen someone rub butter on a kitten’s back to have a dog lick it off. I laughed, wishing that I had my camcorder. I would have filmed the entire thing, then uploaded it onto YouTube. Maybe next time, I’ll have my chance.


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