Ode to the Underdog

There was a time when I hated it when someone referred to me as an underdog. I felt degraded, worthless, unlikeable. It felt as if that person attached the words, ‘insignificant me’ to my forehead.

To me, an underdog was someone who was:





all of the above

I realize that when I was a child, I was all of those things, but I’m not upset. I don’t let the weight of the past drag me down. And, I’m no longer ashamed to admit that I’m an underdog.

An underdog may be the bullied, the ignored, the geek, the person no one wants to understand. But, that’s what makes underdogs so unique; they are the way they are because they march to their own tune. They’re creative, inspirational in their own little way. They are not your wanna-fit-in-with-the-crowd type individuals because they have boundaries with people. They don’t party every weekend because they’re working around the clock to prosper.

The underdogs are those super-talented individuals who rise from nothing, complete obscurity. They are the inventors, best-selling authors, soldiers, fathers, mothers, entertainers, caregivers, doctors, missionaries, astronauts, leaders and gurus. They are you and me.

Underdogs are significant people and they have a place in this world just as much as everyone else does.


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