Celebration of Excellence: To Honour Volunteers

On Saturday I received an email from Pat Hunt asking me if I would nominate Bob (founder of Story Theatre and former director) for the Celebration of Excellence event, an event that honours outstanding volunteers here on the Sunshine Coast. I don’t know if any given volunteer will win an award, I believe that this event is to honour all of the volunteers who had made a significant difference in people’s lives in this community.

I’m excited to nominate Bob Hunt because he made a big difference in my life. If Story Theatre had not existed, or was inclusive, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. And I certainly wouldn’t have made the friends that I’ve made. Bob created Story Theatre with the intention to make theatre accessible by anyone, regardless of acting experience.

I’m happy to give Bob this credit because he deserves it, especially after what he’s done in the theatre community and in the community at large.

This event will be held at the Chatelech High School (the first high school I attended) on April 14th, in the evening. I’m very much looking forward to being there with the people I cherish to share in the celebration.


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