Story Theatre: New Opportunities

A few weeks ago Mike and Radhika asked me to write three short plays for the 2012 Story Theatre season. The one that Mike wants us to perform, in particular, is ‘The Ant and the Grasshopper’, an Aesop fable that he is going to direct. He also asked me to write two other plays which I am currently working on.

I have to say that I’m excited to take on a larger role in story theatre beyond acting and Facebook management, happy to use my writing skills in a new way and looking forward to seeing one or two of my stories performed throughout the summer months. The one thing I’m going to have to get used to, though, is having to give up most control over my creative projects. Mike and Radhika will be directing the plays, so they will have ultimate say where the actors come on stage, how they use the space and where they exit the stage. It will be like working with an editor–which I will be doing with ‘To be Maria’ somewhere down the line–so this is a good place to start, to get used to the idea of giving up my creative control.

Regardless, I can’t wait to see my stories come to life. Hey, I might even act in one of them. You never know.

I found out yesterday afternoon that Bob would like to see story theatre perform off coast this summer. He would like to see us perform in outdoor venues on Bowen Island and Gambier Island. I’m not in charge of story theatre, but if we could make this happen, this would be a gold feather in story theatre’s cap. It would also provide everyone a wonderful opportunity for networking, and a new place to showcase their talents.


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