Some Very Weird Thoughts (One of Them Actually Didn’t Come From Me)

This is what I read on one publisher’s blog yesterday. It was his thoughts on ‘easy’ marketing techniques for new authors.

“Get a large piece of dirty cardboard box and write: “Help a starving writer. Please buy my book.” Put on a shabby set of clothes. The ones you have on right now will do very nicely, actually. Then take a box of your books and park yourself in front of a shop in town and look pitiful. Caution: stay away from the entrances to Wal-Mart. The panhandlers there are very territorial about their spots.”

Mmmmm. Sounds like a really weird way to promote a book. I wonder if an author has actually tried this.

On another note, last summer when talking to someone about getting ‘To be Maria’ ready to query en mass, I refered to my query letter as my query litter. I immediately imagined shipping one literary agent a litter of kittens along with my book proposal.

Imagine that! A number of cute, adorable kittens hiding, playing and running around the office of an agency. Maybe–if the agent happens to LOVE cats, she or he would request to see the full manuscript? The likelihood of that, next to nothing, especially if the agent hates cats or is allergic to them.


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