A Fate Worse Than Death (A Short Monologue)

17th Century France.

Angelina is the young daughter of a wealthy merchant, but she lost her parents in a tragic accident and then had her entire inheritance stolen from her by greedy relatives.

Two years ago I had everything: a loving family, friends, and lots of pretty dresses. I was the happiest child alive, and I had not a worry in the world to dwell on. But the life I had was stolen from me in the cruelest manner. Every day I face a fate that is worse than death—loneliness and poverty. For the longest time, a hope that my life will be restored was burning inside my heart. This flame of hope kept me going, but now it has burnt out. Nothing in my life has improved and some days, I just want to give up. I would far rather embrace death than live the life I have. Yet, a voice inside of me urges me to keep going, even though I am in the depths of despair.


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