Little Casey Bear And More

Today, I found out that another short story of mine–Little Casey Bear–was published in the June Issue of Supporting Authors One Read at a Time e-magazine.

There’s a little bit of a story behind Little Casey Bear. I wrote this story a little over four years ago while I was in my final stretch of post-secondary education training at UNBC. I was enrolled in a Children’s Literature class and for one of our assignments, we were required to write a children’s story. Little Casey Bear was written for this assignment. Originally, it was titled Little Casey Sasquatch because I thought it would be fun to have the characters be a mythical creature rather than a real one, just to give it that fantasy appeal. But after graduation, and after a little thought, I decided it would be more appropriate to change my characters from being sasquatches to being bears. Hence the name, Little Casey Bear.

You will find Little Casey Bear on page 30 of Supporting Authors One Read at a Time magazine.

You will also find my more recently written story, Notes on the Billboard, in the May Issue. Notes on The Billboard is a pre-To be Maria vignette that follows the rebellious Maria and two of her friends. Speaking of which, I will be doing a short reading from To be Maria at the Carnivare Humanitarium Fundraiser at the Heritage Playhouse on Sunday, June 3rd. My first official reading, albeit pre-publication reading.


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