Memories From Story Theatre 2010

This is my third season as a Story Theatre troupe actress, but every time I prepare for the first performance, a tingle of excitement ripples through every muscle, every fibre of my body. A smile appears on my face and doesn’t disappear until…well, it doesn’t disappear entirely.

It’s funny how I don’t remember all of the excitement prior to our first performance last year, yet I remember it all too well in 2010, the year I joined the story theatre troupe.

It was June 12th, the evening before our first performance: I clearly remember spending that entire evening grinning from ear to ear and saying “I can’t wait” over and over again until my dad was sick of hearing me say those words.

The next morning went by in a mix of emotions and…waiting. That year, several people were putting on a fundraising event at the St. Mary’s Hospital; it was to raise money for the new cancer research center which is in the building process right now as we speak. The organizers of that event had invited Story Theatre to perform, which Bob and Janet, of course, did not turn down that opportunity.

Unfortunately, the organizers were somewhat disorganized and so they kept pushing our performance time back. Regardless, it was great to spend the extra time getting to know my fellow actors.

When it was time for us to perform, the butterflies in my stomach suddenly appeared. I had only three short lines in ‘Three Wishes’, the only short story out of eight stories that I was cast in for that particular performance. And we had a very small audience of mostly young children. Yet, I was a jumble of nerves.

Looking back now, I realize that I was quite new to the theatre community; my acting skills were still raw and slightly untamed, and it was my very first (out of high school and church) performance. I wanted more than anything to prove to the audience and especially the directors that I am a good actress and I am fully capable of mastering larger, more complex roles.

Two years later…

I am playing larger, complex roles in Story Theatre. I should also mention that I played the lead role in A Bedfull of Foreigners in the Fall of 2010 and again in the Winter of 2011.

I’m excited to be a part of the troupe for yet another season. Every season brings a new challenge, a new experience, and I’ve had the opportunity to have met some pleasantly unique individuals. My hope for the future, though, is to perform on the big stage again.


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