Two Days of Birthday Celebration

Yesterday, I celebrated my 27th birthday, and I had a fantastic day! Two days, actually.

On Saturday, My friends, Mike, Radhika, Laura and John took me all the way up the coast to Egmont where we hiked for one hour to the Skookumchuk rapids, the very rapids that claimed the lives of Angie and Beatrice just a few months ago.

The Skookumchuk Narrows is a spectacular site with its fast moving waters, large waves–we didn’t quite see the waves at their largest–and whirl pools. The whirl pools I saw were quite small in comparison to the other ones out there. Those rapids are one of Earth’s many stunning, beautiful, yet terrible features. After what had happened at the beginning of June, it felt slightly surreal to be there, not far from where the accident happened. But I was with my friends, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better than that. Besides the cloudy skies, we all had an enjoyable day.

Then, yesterday, on my real birthday, I spent part of the day with my mother down in Gibsons. She bought me a new pair of runners, something I desperately needed. We then headed into lower Gibsons for lunch, and walked along Bonniebrook after that.

That evening, the party continued with my cousins, Christy, Anita, Marcus, and Chad, Christy’s husband.
Oh yes, I forgot to mention: It was Beauty’s birthday as well; her 14th birthday. An old cat she is becoming, and I’ve got a photo to prove that we celebrated her birthday as well.


I also had the honor of having my photo taken with our cake.

Twas a marvelous day indeed, and we–Beauty and I–have many more to look forward to.


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