YA Fiction Book Promo: Destiny Road

I’m currently reading ‘Destiny Road’, a YA novel written by Melissa Wray, a person who I recently connected with on Goodreads. I have just started reading this novel and I will be writing a review, but I’ll say this much: I enjoy ‘Destiny Road’ so far. Here is a short promo, a sneak preview:

‘You look like this chick I wanna bash.’

A girl of similar age stares in my direction. A look of amusement settles as she leans casually against the metal shelter. Plum coloured curls are pulled sharply off her face with no chance of escape. The palms of her hands thump against her thighs repeatedly. Da-dump, da-dump, da-dump. She stares at me without blinking. A hint of a smirk pulls at the corner of her lips. Movement around the bus stop freezes as those nearby notices the tension in the air. The conversations abruptly end as everyone turns to look at me.

Heat rises up my neck as I turn around, hoping she is talking to someone else. I’m desperate to know it’s not me this stranger I’ve never laid eyes on, wants to beat up. My insides sink as I discover what I already knew to be true. Some leaves scatter as a breeze bursts past but there is nobody behind me. Swirling back to face my antagonist, I realise no one is within a two metre radius. Like ants, they’ve scuttled away from the danger point. Pressure builds in my body like a slingshot straining to ping. My legs feel like they will collapse at any moment.

It suddenly dawns on me that no-one has ever threatened me before. At no time have I ever had to defend myself from bodily harm. Sure I’ve had a few disagreements with others, but nothing life threatening. The most heated argument I ever got into was when Veronica Litchen accused me of stealing her precious souvenir from an overseas holiday. She screamed obscenities at me I had never heard before. That was in the sixth grade. It turned up later in the front pocket of her school bag. I didn’t put it there. I hadn’t laid eyes on the stupid snow globe she’d bought in to show. To this day, I don’t know who took it and let me take the blame. Veronica’s anger was nothing compared to the waves of contempt rolling off this girl. Who does this psycho think she is?

You can learn more about Melissa Wray at her blog, and you can find her book on Amazon.


2 thoughts on “YA Fiction Book Promo: Destiny Road

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