Magazines of the Month

I’ve decided that, for the month of September/October, I’m going to nominate SoUneque Magazine and Conversations Magazine the magazines of the month!

Owned by Tamara Rollins, SoUneque Magazine lives up to it’s name. This magazine contains features and interviews by new and up-coming artists: writers and musicians, and it isn’t formatted in the usual magazine size. This magazine is produced in booklet format. How do I know this? I had an article published in the July Issue and had an author interview in September–this month.

To purchase a copy or submit and article/interview or request for interview, you can email Tamara Rollins at or visit her website at Rollins is also an author herself and has her books listed on her website.

Conversations Magazine is owned by Cyrus Webb, president of Conversations Book Club and host of Conversations LIVE Radio. This magazine features interviews, book excerpts, book reviews and articles from contributing writers (based on a monthly theme). The great thing about Conversations Magazine, is that you can subscribe to receive 12 copies for a reasonable price. Or you could read it online. Webb also interviews authors and recording artists on his show, and showcases their work on his website. He is open to new artists as well, so if you’re an author or recording artist, you can contact him at


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