Table Topics Competition Fun

I’ve been involved with Toastmasters since early January 2010 and I haven’t yet entered in a Table Topics competition until last night. Well, it was a load of fun. The group that I belong to–Sunshine Toastmasters–is a small group, so there were only three contestants. As a result, there was room for only two winners.

Barbara Lightfoot chaired the competition last night, and the question she posed to all of us, was “What was the most embarassing moment in your entire life?” It wasn’t a hard question for me to answer because there’s one very embarassing moment I endured seven years ago. (I Won’t elaborate here. Perhaps I’ll post my most embarassing moment on YouTube in the near future.)

The most wonderful thing about Table Topics is that it’s impromptu speaking. In other words, when you get called up front to speak for 2 minutes, you have to answer the question in verbal story form in two minutes from the top of your head. Sounds difficult? It is, but that’s what makes Table Topics so much fun. Besides, if you know the answer to the question, it’s not hard to formulate an answer.

Right to left: Paula Howley (first place winner in the Humorous competition), Ann Dickie (second place winner in the Humorous competition), Margaret Fenwick (first place winner in the Table Topics competition) and Me (second place winner in the Table Topics competition.)

Yes, that’s right. I placed 2nd. Sadly, I won’t be moving on to compete in the area competition on October 6th because I’ve decided to take a one-year sybatical from Toastmasters. On a brighter note, I’ve completed three manuals which enables me to recieve my Advanced Communications Bronze. So looking forward to that!


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