Carly The Mega Bitch (A Pre-To be Maria Vignette)

I’ve decided to write a series of vignettes that lead up to the actual story, To be Maria. The first one I wrote was The Audition, which I’ve since expanded on, leading into a new story, Carly The Mega Bitch. So if you haven’t read The Audition, you’ll want to read it before you read this current vignette. Also, Carly The Mega Bitch is kind of long, so for the purpose of this blog, I’m going to break it into 2 parts.

Carly The Mega Bitch (today’s story) and Life’s Not Fair.

Here is the link to The Audition.

Now I present you with Carly The Mega Bitch.

Anya scans the hallway. Despite the fact that first period break isn’t for another half hour, the hallway is teaming with students, those likely auditioning for Mr. Hawthorne’s advanced acting class. Patrick isn’t among them. Anya realizes that he auditioned fifteen minutes before her, but why wouldn’t he wait for her?

“Hey, Anya!”

Anya spins on her heels upon hearing the all-too familiar high-pitched voice.

As usual, Carly is flanked by her boyfriend, Matt and Shondra, one of her best friends. Carly has literally everything going for her; she’s tall and beautiful, she comes from a very wealthy family–which explains the super-tight, revealing, fashion designer clothing–and she’s the most popular girl in school. This is a huge bummer for two reasons: Carly is a mega bitch and Anya doesn’t have what Carly has.

Almost every teen in the hallway is looking at Carly, silently competing for her attention, as if she’s the Queen of England.

The only person who gives Anya the time of day in this school is Patrick.

“So, you’re just going to ignore me?” Carly says, glaring at Anya.

“Yeah, like, how rude,” Shondra echoes.

Matt snickers and so does everyone else.

Anya’s face becomes hot and her eyes fill up with tears, yet she’s not going to back down and run away. No way.

She stares at Carly through narrowed eyes and says, “Well, why shouldn’t I when you’re such a bitch to me all the time.”

A chorus of “ooohs” echo throughout the hallway.

Matt’s face twists into a sneer. “The loser has spoken.”

Fortunately his comment is loud enough for Mrs. Shenkle–the Earth Science teacher–to march out of her classroom and into the hallway. Anya can tell, by the stormy expression on her face, Mrs. Shenkle is not happy. At all. For the first time in her life, Anya is comforted by the presence of a stern teacher.

“What’s all this noise about, Matt?” Mrs. Shenkle demands.

Anya feels a stab of pain. Noise? Didn’t you just hear what he called me?

“Uh–nothing, Mrs. Shenkle. Just on my way to Mr. Hawthorne’s studio. That’s all,”

Matt says with a shrug of one shoulder.

“Well then, why can’t you carry on without disrupting everyone in the process?” Mrs. Shenkle says, glaring at him.

“I–uh–don’t know.”

Several people chuckle at Matt’s cavalier response. Everyone except for Anya and, of course, Mrs. Shenkle. Anya takes this moment to leave the situation before Mrs. Shenkle decides to let Matt and everyone else off the hook. She walks quickly down the hallway and over to her locker. Anya should head back to French class, but instead, she grabs her journal, slams the locker door shut, then slips out the back exit door, making sure there is no teacher looking in her direction.


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