Turn Your Town Into a Literary Capital

This is a guest article by Carly Fierro. Fierro is an aspiring writer who currently works for a company that sells classroom desks. In her spare time she loves writing about anything and everything. Fierro loves that blogging allows her to share her writing with people all over the world.

You love books of all kinds, from fiction and biographies to how-tos and humor. You also love talking about books, and you spend your free time checking out the latest and greatest from writers in your area. Well, you would, if your town offered more book-related activities.

The printed word is slowly being replaced by tablets and mobile screens, but that doesn’t mean the thirst for reading has disappeared. If you feel like your town isn’t doing enough for book lovers, some of your neighbors may feel the same way. Make the first move and turn your town into a thriving literary capital.

Host Free Readings

Literary souls are everywhere, even if you can’t easily see them. One of the ways to bring them out is with a monthly reading series, where people enjoy the works of their neighbors or even share their own.

Pick a place that has both the room and the desire to attract local writers and literature lovers; a bar or coffee shop with an open room works well. If you know writers, invite them to read 15-20 minutes of their best works, or make it an open mic night. Promote the event with flyers and social media to spread the word. After a few months, you’ll have larger audiences and a signature literary event in your town.

Start a Literary Magazine

Maybe you were more comfortable sitting at classroom desks than in front of the class when you were in school. You can still bring great writing to your town; just do it in print instead of in person.

Start with your own stories and poems, and add original work from your friends. If you know more book lovers than writers, change the focus of your magazine. Encourage contributors to write book reviews, discuss their favorite books, or even land an interview with a writer. Whether you print it or post it online, a literary magazine is a great way to bring your town together to talk all things literature.

Start a Class

Writing and literature classes make community-centered learning about books not only possible, but fun.

Try hosting a writing class for kids at your school or library. They’ll have fun making up stories, especially if they can make their own books out of craft materials. Host free writing workshops for teens and adults at your local college or community center, or just host a class right in your living room. As people start writing, they start reading and sharing on their own, and your literary town is born.

Reading and writing might be solitary activities, but your love for them needs to be shared with the world. Create programs and activities that make sharing possible.


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