Destiny Road by Melissa Wray: My Review

Destiny Road is about a sixteen year old girl Jessica, who is building up to making a most important decision. One that will affect the rest of her life. It is a story of decision, growth and acceptance.

Jessica is sixteen when she meets Bill for the first time. Six months later she is moved away by her mother, to begin a new life, away from what she knows. Away from the man she is just realising she might have wanted in her life all along, her biological father. So begins Jessica’s journey of living with the choices made by herself and those around her.

My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

My Review:

This was a really great book. Very emotional and true to life. Jessica is torn when she makes the decision to leave her mother, who she’s lived with all her life, to live with Bill, the father Jessica barely knows. She believes that she has betrayed her mother, yet is constantly plagued with the question all children in this kind of environment ask: Why did Bill leave my mother? Wray does such a wonderful job of portraying these emotions.

Jessica eventually does get an answer to this question and all the pieces fit the puzzle. Along her own journey to healing, Jessica meets a boy, Luke. As they get to know each other, Jessica discovers a side to Luke that will make her own problems seem minute.

There were a few times, when reading this novel, a scene ended abruptly and a new one started. For example, after her first visit with Bill, Jessica goes to a bonfire party with her friends, Dempsey and Claire. Chapter 11 ends with Claire letting off steam after getting into an argument with her boyfriend. This is one example of a scene that could have been flushed out more to include the argument for more tension building.

Also, before Jessica moves in with Bill, she makes a friend: Mandy. Mandy and her become close, but then the moment, Jessica moves in with Bill, Mandy disappears. Although these kind of things happen in reality, it would have been nice to have Jessica keep in touch with Mandy, given how close their friendship developed in the first half of the story.

Great story, though. I look forward to reading more novels by Melissa Wray.

To learn more about Melissa Wray and her novel, Destiny Road, visit her blog at
her author page:!/pages/Destiny-Road-By-Melissa-Wray/407031252661034
You can purchase your copy of Destiny Road on, and on Barnes and Noble.


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