Welcome to The New De’s Stories

Y6WP8RFRJ8VB. That’s my code for hello!

Welcome to the new De’s Stories. Well, it’s not really De’s Stories anymore; it’s Deanna’s Writing, a brand new blog, yet not so new.

Late last week, I decided on a whim that I wanted to move De’s Stories over to a WordPress platform, and I couldn’t have done it without the help of Hamlet, owner of the blog, FlowingEvents.com. I ran into some problems while attempting to import my blog from blogger (I actually imported the wrong blog, one I forgot to delete, then was unable to  create a new one on Wordress with my existing account). So, I contacted Hamlet, he created a new account for me, then imported my existing blog. Once import was complete, I took it from there. He also created a second blog for me, Crusades and Crusaders, one that I plan on launching sometime in November.

The reason why my new blog is called Deanna’s Writing is because WordPress couldn’t register De’s Stories. Basically, I’m starting all over again in the Blogosphere, but I’m happy to do so on a better platform.



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