Enter Alice: Star Gymnast and Avid Boyfriend Stealer

This is a continuation of Smoking in The Washroom.

The door to the washroom opens suddenly and, much to Maria’s greatest dismay, in walks Alice. She greets the three of them with a sneer.

“So, I was right all along. You guys are smoking in here. I’m so glad it wasn’t a rumor that I had started because the truth is even better. More cutting, don’t you think?” she says, smiling at them sardonically.

Maria and her friends advance on Alice until they form a circle around her. Maria grins at her.

Everyday, Alice struts around the school, acting like she owns the place and thinking that she is the best thing that happened since sliced bread. Okay, Alice is an honor student and a champion gymnast; she is only sixteen, but Alice has already made the Spanish Olympic team, and she’s training vigorously for the 2004 summer Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. That is two and a half years away. Secretly, Maria hopes that, during the games, Alice doesn’t make the finals. Or if she does, Maria hopes that the judges give Alice low scores.

Maria has ignored Alice’s offhanded remarks and vicious looks since the eighth grade. Until now. The only reason Maria is grinning at Alice is because now, she finally has the chance to give Alice a taste of her own medicine. The frightful look that Alice gives her fuels Maria’s satisfaction.

I’m going to bring you down, woman, until there is nothing left of you. “So, what are you going to do about it, Miss Priss?” Maria says.

Alice’s face turns a bright red. “I–uh–don’t know.”

“You little liar,” Alejandra says.

Maria stares down at what’s left of her cigarette. The ashes are a white-grey, but they must still be smoldering hot because smoke continues to rise from them. She holds the remains up, only a few inches away from Alice’s face.


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