Paper + Felt Pen = Shame

Here’s a continuation from Enter Alice: Star Gymnast and Avid Boyfriend Stealer.

Alice tries to back away, but Alejandra and Maya corner her.

“I could plant this in your pretty little face right now and I will if you don’t promise us that you won’t rat on us to the principle, and to your stupid friends.”

Maria can see the beads of sweat form on Alice’s forehead.

“Okay, I won’t, I won’t. I promise,” Alice says.

Maria shoots her an icy look. “You promise?”

“Yes, I promise. I won’t tell the principle, and I’ll tell my friends to keep it a secret. Okay?” Alice says, her voice small and shaky.

Maria walks over to the nearest toilet, drops the cigarette remains into the bowl, then flushes it. The loud, swishing, gurgling noise penetrates the tension, but only for a brief moment. Maria and her friends are not going to let Alice go now. No way.

She walks up to Alice until only a space of three inches separates their faces. “You can jump into any guy’s pants and think it’s okay because you’re the star gymnast of Spain. No one is going to judge you because you are Alice the invencible,” Maria says. “Well, guess again. You’re nothing but a two-bit whore, a worthless slut.”

Maria can see the tears glistening in Alice’s blue eyes. That very sight makes her feel triumphant. “I’m done with you, so you can mosey on out of here and do your thing in the other washroom. But if we find out you rattled on us, you’ll regret it for the rest of your high school days. Big time!”

“We’ll find you and then we will beat the crap out of you,” Maya says.

Maria and Alejandra both nod their heads in agreement.

“Do you understand what we are telling you?” Maria says.

Alice nods her head rapidly. A couple of tears trickle down her face.

“Good. Now get lost,” Maria says with an angry wave of her hand.

“Hah! It sure didn’t take much for her to crumble,” Alejandra says once she assumes Alice is out of earshot.

“Yeah, I thought she was going to fight you,” Maya says.

Maria clenches her teeth. “She would have if I was alone. Regardless, I’m not done with her.”

Maya flashes Maria a devious grin. “I’ve got an idea,” she says, pulling the felt marker out of her purse for the second time. “Do you have paper?”

Maria gives her a blank look. “No. Why?”

“Because we’re going to shame Alice.”

“Maya, you clever little woman. That is such a good idea,” Alejandra says.

Maria, though, does not quite understand what Maya is getting at. “Why would we need paper for that?”

“To write the notes on. Duh,” Maya says.

“I’ve got some paper,” Alejandra says, pulling three blank pieces of lined paper out of her purse.

A malevolent smile spreads across Maria’s face. “Okay, I get it now. This is a good idea, and I know just the thing to write too.”

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