Notes on The Billboard

Here’s a continuation from Paper + Felt Pen = Shame.

Each girl writes a short message on a piece of paper. Once they are done, Alejandra and Maya flush what is left of their cigarettes down a toilet, then walk out of the washroom with Maria. They walk past the staircase–the one that leads up to the Latin class that they are supposed to be attending–and over to the billboard. That is where they are going to post the three notes.

The billboard is located in the juncture of two crucial places in this school: beside the cafeteria and in the foyer, across from the entrance doors. Most important, though, is that this billboard contains notices that everyone wants to read: auditions for the school play, start dates and meet-up times for social clubs, intellectual clubs, sports clubs and hobby clubs, and notifications of upcoming parties and school events.

Maria flashes her friends a tight grin, but she cannot calm her racing heart. Sure, most people in this school are going to read these three notes. But will they believe Maria? Will they finally see Alice for what she really is, or will this back fire on Maria?

Maria breathes in and out deeply as she posts the notes high on the billboard. Thank God we’re the only ones in this hallway.

Once the deed is done, Maria turns, then strides out of the building with Alejandra and Maya by her side. Maria really hopes that the latter does not occur: that this does not blow up in her face.


This is what they wrote:

Sheet 1:

Alice Balatize-Castillo is a SLUT!!

Sheet 2:

She went out with my boyfriend, Ricardo and then slept with him. Behind my back!

Sheet 3:

Girls. Better watch your back and your boyfriends. Or else, you will become Alice’s next victim.



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