Who is That Girl?

Anya sits in the third seat of the third row in Mr. Wimple’s History class. She doodles outside the margins on a piece of loose-leaf paper. It is the first day of a brand new semester–her last semester at Peach Valley Senior High before she enters the real world–and her best friend, Patrick is in only two of the classes she’s signed up for: Creative Writing and Advanced Acting 12, the very class Anya, Patrick and over one hundred other students auditioned for.

This class is a big deal because it guarantees serious aspiring actors a stepping stone to success in the entertainment industry, especially for the lucky individual who wins Mr. Hawthorne’s sponsorship to Vancouver Film School. That’s why, when Mr. Hawthorne told Anya over the phone that there was a place for her in his class, she was elated. She had been even more excited when she found out that Patrick had also been accepted as well.

Still, Anya wishes that Patrick was in all of the same classes as her. It would make this semester so much better.

Anya places the pen beside her notebook and allows her gaze to drift in the direction of the door the same time Mr. Wimple enters the classroom slightly ahead of…

Anya’s jaw drops. Who is that girl?

Every conversation in the room stops abruptly.

Everyone–including Anya–stares at this girl as if she’s Jennifer Lopez. She doesn’t quite look like Jennifer Lopez, but she certainly has the beauty and the appeal. This girl is clad in a short, black, leather jacket, torso-hugging, cleavage-showing v-neck shirt, tight black jeans and matching, black boots; ones with kitten heels too; an outfit far too suggestive for school.

Her hair is jet black, curly and long, and her skin is olive-toned. Heck, this girl is incredibly confident, Anya can tell by the way she holds her head high.

“S-lut,” Anya hears Meloday–her former best friend–say to Cassidy in a not-so-hushed voice.

“No kidding. What is she trying to prove?” Cassidy whispers back.

“Like, look at her outfit and her pathetic makeup. It’s totally obvious she’s a whore,” Meloday whispers back.

“Yeah. I’m so not giving her the time of day.”

“Neither am I. She’s so not worth our time.”

The boys, on the other hand, are receiving this beauty of the new kid a little too eagerly.

“Dude, she’s so hot.”

“Yeah. Smoking.”

“I’m going to ask her out.”

“Most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Anya bites down hard on her lower lip. I wish more guys would say those things about me. It’s not fair.

“No kidding. I mean, look at that body, and those boobs,” another guy says.

That comment generates a few snickers and sneers from Melody and her friends.

Stay tuned for more…


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