Welcome to Peach Valley, Maria

This is a continuation from Who is That Girl?

“Welcome, Historians,” Mr. Wimple says, completely oblivious to all the comments, snickers and sneers that are being made by his new group of students. “I’d like to introduce you to our new student, Maria Hernandez.”

“Maria. That name is music to my ears,” Anya hears Jose–Matt’s best friend–say.

“Get a freakin life,” she hears Melody say through gritted teeth.

Ignoring Melody and the others, Anya continues to study this Maria girl; she continues to stand there, calm and collected as if she hasn’t heard a single comment. Surely she hears all the nasty comments Melody and Cassidy are saying about her.

I really want to be just like her.

            “Tell us a little bit about yourself, Maria,” Mr. Wimple says.

“Oh my God. This is so elementary school,” Cassidy whispers loudly.

“Yeah, and he can’t keep his eyes off her chest,” Melody whispers back.

A strong feeling of relief washes over Anya. Man, it feels good to know I’m not the only one who gets picked on in this school.

“I’m from Madrid,” Maria says. Her voice carries a prominent Spanish accent, yet her diction of the English language is clear and easy to understand. At least Anya thinks it is.

“That’s wonderful,” Mr. Wimple says with a clap of his hands. “I might just get you to do a presentation on the Spanish Civil War.”

Anya can detect the tiniest form of a smirk on Maria’s face.

“Well, welcome to Peach Valley, Maria,” he says, gesturing to the rows of seats. That’s when Anya becomes aware of the empty seat on her right side, and of the other one against the wall, at the far end of the classroom. Her heart begins to race when she sees Maria walking towards her.

“Oh. My. God. Don’t tell me she’s going to sit beside Anya,” Shondra says.

Anya’s face prickles with heat.

“Seriously. There is another empty seat in this room,” Jose says.

“She’s way too cool for Anya, and way prettier,” says one of Jose’s friends.

Anya bites down hard on her lower lip and inhales deeply at the same time. One…two…three. I’m not going to cry.

            “Miss Poverty meets Miss Townslut. An interesting match indeed,” Melody says just as Maria settles into the seat beside Anya.

Anya meets Maria’s eyes, but only for a second. Maria swivels her body and shoots Melody dagger eyes.

“It takes one to know one, bitch,” Maria says loud enough for the teacher– everyone– in the classroom to hear.

Anya’s jaw drops and her eyes bulge open. That was an incredibly gutsy thing to say, especially within Mr. Wimple’s hearing. Whether luck is on Maria’s side or Mr. Wimple is lost in the realm of History, he doesn’t reprimand Maria for that comment.


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