Dear Beauty

Dear Beauty,

There seems to be a trend here: you sit outside my door and meow loudly early in the morning, before six-thirty. I should let you off the hook since, after all, I am an early riser. But you started your meowing even earlier than six-thirty this morning. I don’t know exactly how early, but it was still black outside when I woke to your cries.

Beauty, you know very well that we’re here. You are not all alone in this large house of ours. When I wake up, I tend to your needs. I give you food, or I let you outside. Whatever you want to do first.

I just want to let you know that we are not going to abandon you. Ever. We love you so much. You’re the most gorgeous, adorable, loving cat anyone could have. So, you don’t need to meow every single morning.


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