At the Gibsons Public Library: Reading from To be Maria

Shortly after I started volunteering at the Gibsons Public Library, Lynda Kennedy–a lady I met during the 2011 season of Story Theatre–invited me to participate in an author reading at the library, an event she hosted herself. Of course, I jumped at the idea. Since To be Maria is the book I want to push, I told her I wanted to read from it.

Several months later…

On Wednesday, November 14th, the event was an incredible success! Before an audience of around sixty people (mostly older people) I read a short excerpt from ‘To be Maria’, the second chapter. Since ‘To be Maria’ is not in book form, I gave several bookmarks away and also brought a few copies of ‘Day of Revenge’ with me to sell.

I should also say that three other authors read from their books as well. It was a fun, successful event for all!




Sending Lynda and Library team a huge thanks for making this event incredibly enjoyable.


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