Deanna’s Writing has Moved!

Hey everyone, and to all of you who have subscribed to this blog. This version of Deanna’s Writing will no longer be active because it has been moved to my brand new website,  You can find the new Deanna’s Writing here: That’s where I will be posting all of my future articles. Speaking of which, I plan, for the new blog, to post an excerpt of To be Maria once a week and a travel/life experience article once a week. Once my schedule settles down a little bit, I plan to start writing another Young Adult novel, and once that happens, I will post an excerpt of that novel on my blog from time to time.

So, if you’re still interested in my writing, stop by and subscribe. You will receive updates at least 1-3 times a week. In turn, I will want to know what’s going on in your writing world, so I will, at some point, email you and invite you to submit an essay for publication on the deannaproachwriter blog.

I look forward to keeping in touch.




Deanna’s Writing is Moving!

You’re probably thinking — or saying — “what! Deanna’s moving her web presence again? Gosh golly gee. That woman can’t keep her website in one place for long.” I can hear it already. First, then De’s Stories (Blogspot), then Deanna’s Writing in October 2012 (Hamlet helped me a lot with this one).

Here’s the thing: in the short history of me being a writer I’ve never ever had a website/blog that could properly be optimized. Don’t get me wrong; I’m incredibly thankful for the few loyal people that stop by Deanna’s Writing frequently, but I’m sick and tired of the perpetual lack of views. It has done much more to hurt my confidence as a writer; it’s not worth while for me to promote another author’s work when I can’t offer them greater exposure because I’m severely lacking it myself and, since I’m currently promoting myself as a freelance writer, I need something much more — better –than just a simple blog.

So, I’ve hired a webmaster who is going to create a new website for me; one that I know will carry me through the rest of my career; a website that will accomodate an SEO plugin. Once complete, you will find me at Don’t worry, this blog — meaning all of the content posted on here already — will be transfered over to the new blog which will be factored into  The website should be done within the next two weeks. I will be sure to notify everyone once it’s up and running. At that point, I will encourage you all to stop by, have a look and say hello.

What I won’t do right away on my new website is have guest authors. At least until I’ve built up a sufficient readership. I really hate to do this to my fellow writers, but it’s not fair to you. You deserve so much better in terms of book promotion. That said, once my blog has built up a good readership and decent ranking on Google, I will reopen submissions to guest articles.

I hope to see you on the flip side.


5 Christmas Gifts That Are Inexpensive

Within the last two years I have written numerous articles for various blogs (high traffic and not). This article was published a year ago, but I’m thinking; these are such good articles, so why let them collect dust when I can reuse them?

As the Christmas season approaches, we start to think about what to give our loved ones and where to get those gifts. Shopping for Christmas gifts can be a lot of fun, but it can also be stressful, especially if you do not have much money to spend. However, there are five items you can purchase that are inexpensive.


Most everyone, regardless of age and socioeconomic status, loves to spend some free time engaged in a good book. What makes books great gifts is that they are very accessible. You can find a book in just about every category and genre. You can purchase a book in a bookstore, online and in any format; paperback, electronic, audio.


DVDs are like books in that they offer home entertainment for a low cost. They are also accessible in that you can purchase them online or in stores.

Home Accessories

Home accessories are those little trinkets that we cannot live without. They are what gives our homes extra personality. Basic home accessories like candles, sconces, picture frames, small gemstones, knick knacks and small house plants do not cost much. You can purchase all of these items in large retailers near you. You can even purchase most of these items at smaller, independently owned stores for a reasonable price.


Toys are excellent Christmas gifts for children, especially for younger ones. The wonderful thing about toys is that they allow children to use their imaginations. They also provide children with the opportunity to learn practical skills. Since toys are inexpensive, you can purchase more than one item.

Gift Cards

If you are stuck for ideas as to what to give your loved one for Christmas, you can give him or her a gift card. Gift cards range do range in price from less expensive to more expensive which gives you the opportunity to spend less or more depending on your finances. All stores offer gift cards, giving you the option to purchase one at your loved one’s favorite store.

Prior to Christmas, stores will often mark certain items on a discounted rate. Most retailers–online and brick-and-mortar–will even offer coupons to returning customers. It is best that, when searching for items to purchase, you look for the best deal. However, if the product you intend to purchase is not on sale for a discounted price, it will not harm you financially to purchase that product.

Welcome to The New De’s Stories

Y6WP8RFRJ8VB. That’s my code for hello!

Welcome to the new De’s Stories. Well, it’s not really De’s Stories anymore; it’s Deanna’s Writing, a brand new blog, yet not so new.

Late last week, I decided on a whim that I wanted to move De’s Stories over to a WordPress platform, and I couldn’t have done it without the help of Hamlet, owner of the blog, I ran into some problems while attempting to import my blog from blogger (I actually imported the wrong blog, one I forgot to delete, then was unable to  create a new one on Wordress with my existing account). So, I contacted Hamlet, he created a new account for me, then imported my existing blog. Once import was complete, I took it from there. He also created a second blog for me, Crusades and Crusaders, one that I plan on launching sometime in November.

The reason why my new blog is called Deanna’s Writing is because WordPress couldn’t register De’s Stories. Basically, I’m starting all over again in the Blogosphere, but I’m happy to do so on a better platform.


NR Book Tour Coming Soon!

It is now t-minus 6 days until I begin my book tour with Nightly Reading.

Listed below is the schedule…

October 1-YA Book Addict Promo Post,

October 2-NightlyReading Promo Post,

October 3- Up All Night Review & Character Interview,

October 4- Happy Tails & Tales Promo Post & Author Interview,

October 5- A Bibliophile’s Thoughts on Books Promo Post,

LovLivLife Reviews Review & Promo Post

This book tour is for To be Maria, and it’s the very first book tour that I’ve been on. Ever. So I am incredibly excited. Leading up to the book tour, I will post a series of vignettes that follow MC Anya before the actual story begins.

YA Fiction Book Promo: Destiny Road

I’m currently reading ‘Destiny Road’, a YA novel written by Melissa Wray, a person who I recently connected with on Goodreads. I have just started reading this novel and I will be writing a review, but I’ll say this much: I enjoy ‘Destiny Road’ so far. Here is a short promo, a sneak preview:

‘You look like this chick I wanna bash.’

A girl of similar age stares in my direction. A look of amusement settles as she leans casually against the metal shelter. Plum coloured curls are pulled sharply off her face with no chance of escape. The palms of her hands thump against her thighs repeatedly. Da-dump, da-dump, da-dump. She stares at me without blinking. A hint of a smirk pulls at the corner of her lips. Movement around the bus stop freezes as those nearby notices the tension in the air. The conversations abruptly end as everyone turns to look at me.

Heat rises up my neck as I turn around, hoping she is talking to someone else. I’m desperate to know it’s not me this stranger I’ve never laid eyes on, wants to beat up. My insides sink as I discover what I already knew to be true. Some leaves scatter as a breeze bursts past but there is nobody behind me. Swirling back to face my antagonist, I realise no one is within a two metre radius. Like ants, they’ve scuttled away from the danger point. Pressure builds in my body like a slingshot straining to ping. My legs feel like they will collapse at any moment.

It suddenly dawns on me that no-one has ever threatened me before. At no time have I ever had to defend myself from bodily harm. Sure I’ve had a few disagreements with others, but nothing life threatening. The most heated argument I ever got into was when Veronica Litchen accused me of stealing her precious souvenir from an overseas holiday. She screamed obscenities at me I had never heard before. That was in the sixth grade. It turned up later in the front pocket of her school bag. I didn’t put it there. I hadn’t laid eyes on the stupid snow globe she’d bought in to show. To this day, I don’t know who took it and let me take the blame. Veronica’s anger was nothing compared to the waves of contempt rolling off this girl. Who does this psycho think she is?

You can learn more about Melissa Wray at her blog, and you can find her book on Amazon.

Two Days of Birthday Celebration

Yesterday, I celebrated my 27th birthday, and I had a fantastic day! Two days, actually.

On Saturday, My friends, Mike, Radhika, Laura and John took me all the way up the coast to Egmont where we hiked for one hour to the Skookumchuk rapids, the very rapids that claimed the lives of Angie and Beatrice just a few months ago.

The Skookumchuk Narrows is a spectacular site with its fast moving waters, large waves–we didn’t quite see the waves at their largest–and whirl pools. The whirl pools I saw were quite small in comparison to the other ones out there. Those rapids are one of Earth’s many stunning, beautiful, yet terrible features. After what had happened at the beginning of June, it felt slightly surreal to be there, not far from where the accident happened. But I was with my friends, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better than that. Besides the cloudy skies, we all had an enjoyable day.

Then, yesterday, on my real birthday, I spent part of the day with my mother down in Gibsons. She bought me a new pair of runners, something I desperately needed. We then headed into lower Gibsons for lunch, and walked along Bonniebrook after that.

That evening, the party continued with my cousins, Christy, Anita, Marcus, and Chad, Christy’s husband.
Oh yes, I forgot to mention: It was Beauty’s birthday as well; her 14th birthday. An old cat she is becoming, and I’ve got a photo to prove that we celebrated her birthday as well.


I also had the honor of having my photo taken with our cake.

Twas a marvelous day indeed, and we–Beauty and I–have many more to look forward to.

The Year of Weddings

Well, 2012 seems to be the year of weddings, something I’ve never experienced before. First, was my cousin’s wedding, now my good friends, John and Laura are preparing to tie the knot; their wedding will be on Saturday, September 1st. That is only two days away!.

Unfortunately I won’t be attending John and Laura’s actual wedding because it will be held in Ottawa, and sadly I don’t have enough cash to afford a plane ticket out to Ottawa. But, they have planned a casual reception at their nice new home in early October, something I’m really looking forward to.

On Saturday, I’ll be thinking about John and Laura and I’ll say a little prayer for them: that God will bless their marriage and their home. I wish John and Laura nothing but good things, and I can’t wait to celebrate their special occasion in early October.

Remembering Christy’s Wedding

On Saturday, August 18th, my cousin, Christy Reich tied the knot with Chad Corcoran. I’m going to remember this special moment with a few photos.

                             My brother, Andrew (left) with my cousin, Marcus outside of the church.

                                                             Me, standing with the bride.

I’m wishing nothing but good things for Christy and Chad’s future: praying that they will be blessed richly, that they will love and cherish each other, and that they will be grateful for all the wonderful things in their lives.