Day of Revenge

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About Day of Revenge:

It’s 1793, and the onset of the Reign Of Terror has sparked the winds of revolution – which begin to blow hard across the French populace. Sensing the growing unrest, the hard-boiled Captain Samuel La Font digs in his heels, determined to repel the best efforts of the revolutionaries and preserve the established order of his beloved home country; however, as the war suddenly takes an unexpected turn, La Font is forced to contend with a grave, sobering new reality: either flee with his family and friends with his life, or die defending the quickly fading Old World order he’s sworn to protect.

“The French Revolution provides a vivid backdrop for Proach’s passionate, fast-paced anti-”Vive le Republique!” historical romance debut. Proach makes a valid point about Robespierre’s fanaticism, and she also includes feverish romance: Emmanuel’s brother Emil pursues a relationship with orphaned vineyard worker Elle, while Emmanuel is tempted by La Font’s cousin Lisabetta. Featuring a well-developed cast of characters, this is a sympathetic portrait of imperiled French aristocracy.” ~ Publishers Weekly

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Read a short excerpt:

Marseilles, France

25 July 1793

Dusk is rapidly turning into night.  Dark shadows loom over every corner of the parlor in the La Font manor.  Emmanuel shudders in response to the cold shivers that run up and down his spine.  Where is Samuel?  He was supposed to return over two hours ago.  Is it possible that he met Monsieur La Metz?  Or did something terrible happen to him and I do not yet know about it?  Emmanuel nervously twists a lock of his thick, wavy hair around his index finger.  Nausea grips his stomach.  The only sound to be heard is the soft murmur of servants’ voices in the kitchen and the bustling of Madame La Font’s skirts as she walks to and from the library and drawing room.  The noises in the background intensify his anxiety.

He fixes his caramel brown eyes on the floor below him.  He squints his eyes, but the room is so dark he cannot study the rich brown of the oak floor.  Emmanuel uncrosses his legs and sets both feet firmly on the polished floor.  His buckled shoes create a loud clap when they come in contact with the floor.

Emmanuel has known about Samuel’s intent to fight the revolutionaries for a number of months.  But now, Samuel’s desire for revenge against the Robespierre government is more urgent than ever.  That is why he sent for Emmanuel—so he can discuss his entire plot with him.

Reader Reviews:

“I enjoyed “Day of Revenge”. In most Historical Novels we read about the winning side and their perspective yet Proach brings us into the world of an aristocrat who’s life of privilege is going to end. It was a very interesting perspective. Although the novel is filled with suspense, the relationships between the characters is always the focus. It is romantic but with the constraints of the “real world” put on the characters. Their emotions and situations are complex yet their bonds and loyalties are so strong that it I could not help but want to relate to their higher idealism.” ~ Kathleen Matkin

“I did find your story captivating. You know how to create suspense and make a person keep on reading to find out what is going to happen next. But maybe even more importantly, you convincingly portray what it is like to live under a totalitarian dictatorship.”  ~ Eckehart A.

“Set in revolutionary France, the novel follows the lives of a group of Loyalists determined to fight the Revolutionaries, who are growing more paranoid and erratic by the day. The book centres around the life of Captain Samuel La Font and through his relationships with others we are given a glimpse into the social costs revolutions exact on populations: arrest without cause, torture, expulsion, and voluntary emigration that split families for generations and changed the course of countries.

Deanna’s combined education in history and creative writing are put to good use in this self-published novel produced by Inkwater Press. She has the ability to put the reader smack dab into the drawing rooms of French society with vivid settings and description. The emotional toll under which the French populace labored for decades is illustrated through the violent outbursts and passionate pleas for forgiveness among the central characters.” ~ Laurie McConnell at


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