Events and Media

Interviews, readings, and more.

Upcoming Events

My second article, The Invention of the Printing Press, has been accepted for publication in HistoriCool Magazine. More details in the coming months.

To be Maria will take part in a KDP Book Blitz with Black Lion Book Tours May 10 – 14th.

To be Maria will be released on Kindle via Amazon’s KDP Select program on Wednesday, May 1, 2013.

My article, The Knights Templar: Lions in Battle, was accepted for publication in HistoriCoolMagazine. More details in the coming months.

Current Events

Smith Publicity has listed To be Maria on NetGalley. My title will be listed until early May.

From March 1, 2013 – May 1 2013, Jason Dowd and Kimberly Rebman from Your Publicity Company is running a print campaign for me.

Check out my profile and read my articles on

Have enrolled in MatadorU’s travel journalism course.

Past Events

14 December 2012: Interview with Host Ricky Busby on Final Frontier Radio. You can download the interview here and tune in anytime you like.

28 October 2012: Launched my new blog, Crusades and Crusaders.

September 2012: Interview with Tamara Rollins based on my upcoming YA novel, To be Mariawas published in SoUneque Magazine.

September 2012: An excerpt from my upcoming book, To Be Maria, was published in Conversations Magazine.

May – September 2012: Wrote two short plays — The Labourer’s Plea and The Ant and the Grasshopper — both of which were performed by the Story Theatre troupe up and down the Sunshine Coast throughout the summer.

20 December 2010: Day of Revenge received a sterling review from Publisher’s Weekly.


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