Editor for Hire

Are you a freelance writer, blogger or novelist who is in need of an editor? I can help you get a good start to your career as a writer at an affordable price.

Not only has my experience as a novelist and blogger enabled me to hone my skills as a writer, it has made me realize that people want to read a gripping story that is well written.

I also do have experience as a copy editor: I worked as a volunteer copy editor for Women’s Essence Magazine. I have samples of articles I have edited I can forward to you if interested.

Here is what I have to offer you:

  • Copy Editing (light, medium, heavy)
  • Proofreading

Projects I’m seeking to edit:

  • Fiction (long and short)
  • Blog Articles
  • Magazine Articles
  • Non-Fiction ( YA, History and Memoir are my areas of expertise)

I will provide you with constructive feedback that is also thorough. Just to put your mind at ease, when I mean ‘constructive’, I don’t mean ‘harsh’. Not in the least. If I see a scene in your novel, or section in your non-fiction book, that needs more work, I will let you know.

I will also explain how you can improve this scene to make it stronger, more compelling, gripping, etc. ButI will be as gentle and professional about it as I can because, after all, it’s your story, your creative project. That said, when I read a scene that sparkles — one that grips me and makes me want to keep reading — I will also let you know and I will explain in detail why that works and how you can maintain that technique throughout the rest of your story.

 For questions regarding the editing process and payment, contact me at deannaproach@gmail.com.


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