June AW Blog Chain: Post a Scene that Describes or Defines Your Main Character’s Attitude

Every month (since March) I have been participating in the Absolute Write blog chain and I have to say these blog chains are a lot of fun. This month, on the blog chain we are required to post a scene that describes our main character’s attitude. Since I’m serializing my new book, To be Maria, on this blog, this is the perfect topic for a blog chain. I’ve already posted the first 4 chapters of my book, so the first part of chapter 5 will the the scene I will be posting for this special blog post.

There are two main characters in To be Maria–Maria and Anya. I would love to give you an overview of this story right here and right now, but I’ve already posted a brief synopsis and the first 4 chapters on this blog. So if you want to know what is really going on in this story, feel free to read the synopsis and the first 4 chapters. One more thing, this story is only on its 2nd draft at the moment, so it won’t be flawless. But, feel free to leave any comments and I will use those helpful comments when I finally reach the editing/revision stage.

Maria quietly opens the door to the women’s washroom. She looks around. The room is empty and the silence is almost deafening. Maria, for some strange reason, thought that Anya would be hiding in here, but now she is beginning to have second thoughts. Just as she turns to leave, she hears a faint rustling sound behind the first stall.

“Anya, are you here?” Maria calls in a soft voice.

No one answers.

Maria tip-toes over to the stall and gently presses her hand against the door in attempt to open it, but it is locked. So, she knocks on it. Still, there is no answer.

“Anya, if you are in there, please come out. I want to talk to you.”

Seconds later she hears the person from behind fumble with the lock. Maria stands aside to let the door swing open. She is not surprised to find herself standing face to face with Anya. Only this time Anya is not smiling. Her face is beet red and streaked with tears, and her eyes are narrowed into slits. If looks could kill, Maria would be a dead girl.

“What do you want?” she says through clenched teeth.

“I brought you a copy of yesterday’s notes,” Maria says, gingerly holding them out to her.

Anya snatches them out of her hand. “You are one screwed up bitch, Maria!”

Maria recoils. “Why do you say that, Anya?”

Anya chuckles bitterly. “Oh, should I really have to explain why?”

Maria sighs. “Anya…”

“You set Carly up to humiliate me in front of everyone in English class, and now you decide to print me a copy of your notes. What are you really up to?”

Maria’s face turns a deep, crimson red. She is right. I never did stick up for her. So, why should she trust me? “Anya, can you please let me explain.”

Anya glowers at her. “Explain what? Give me one reason to believe that you are not two-faced like most people in this school!”

Maria breathes out a heavy sigh. “Anya, I wouldn’t have copied these notes for you if I didn’t care. What Carly did to you was horrible and I’m really sorry that I didn’t say anything, but Mrs. Cummings took care of her. Carly won’t be attending her class anymore.”

Anya’s jaw drops. “You mean she kicked Carly out of her English Twelve class?”

Maria nods her head. “Yes. I really must get back to class before Mrs. Cummings decides to give me the boot as well. Are you coming with me?”

Anya’s eyes droop. “I can’t. Not after what happened. Can you give me a copy to today’s notes as well?”

“For sure. I will give them to you in History.”

“Thanks,” Anya says, her voice so low that Maria can hardly hear her.

Stay tuned for chapter 5 part 2.

There are so many talented writers out there and none of the AW June participants are an exception. So, please feel free to read their entries.

Aimee Laine
Lyra Jean
Fokker Aeroplanbau
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